Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

Download Game Gadget Trial (PC) Full Version

Password : downloadiragame.blogspot.com
DownloadiraGame - In the future, decades after unidentified wars, the military began to develop weapon systems based on advanced level technology.
This next generation weapons are cyborgs (bio machines) and developed by Eastern Treaty Union (ETU) under the codename Project ‘Next E’. Beside its greater power than regular warmachine, these cyborgs have human abilities such regeneration, calculating and deciding between various options. However, there are two kind of the initial protoype units: Black (as pure machine) and White version (as machine but have human personalities). Player will gets a role of young major who has lead and train The White Team where all look like attractive girls. Gadget Trial is a crossover of shoujo visual novel and turn based strategy (similar to Advance War).

System Requirement
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
PentiumIII 500 MHz or faster recommended
64 MB RAM or greater
500 MB hard disk space


Gadget Trial Download

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