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Download Game Army Men II RTS (PC) Full Version

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DownloadiraGame - In Army Men II, the insane Colonel Blintz of the Green army has turned Tan and taken a house, and the soldiers under his command, with him. Sarge is called by Colonel Grimm to take it back. He leads the Green Army in breaking through the Tan defenses.

Sarge is accompanied by various members of Bravo Company, who secure the front yard, destroy a garden light, and lead an assault on the Tan held front door only to find it locked. Grimm contacts Sarge via radio, and tells him they can enter the house though a basement window. After destroying a base by the window Sarge and the heroes jump down into the basement. Once in the Basement Sarge, Riff, Scorch, Hoover, Thick, and a newcomer Bullseye travel through the basement fighting ants. Grimm contacts Sarge; telling him Blintz has sent bombers to kill them. They make it to the stairs and into the kitchen before the bombers arrive. In the kitchen, Sarge oversees the rebuilding of a Green base under the table, and destroys anti-air emplacements before being airlifted to the counter-top. He then leads the Green Army in an attack on a factory Blintz built in the sink before moving into the living room....

System Requirement
P233MHz processor
4MB VRAM video card
250MB free disk space


Army Men II RTS Download

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