Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

Download Game Ake Bre: Morning Star Girls (PC) Full Version

Password : downloadiragame.blogspot.com
DownloadiraGame - Ake Bre: Morning Star Girls is a 2D SHMUPS but combined in 3D background. This game developed and published by the same creator of Angeraze series, OHBADO. If you like Angeraze, then you gotta love this one.

* Three voiced characters.
* Nice graphic with 3D background.
* Each character has their own style of firing.

System Requirement
* OS: Windows XP/Vista
* Processor: Intel Pentium @ 2.4 GHz or equivalent AMD
* Memory: 512 MB RAM
* Hard Drive: 600 MB Free
* Video Memory: 128 MB
* Video Card: Any VGA crads with DirectX support


Ake Bre: Morning Star Girls Download

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