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Download Game Sexy Beach 3 (PC) Full Version

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DownloadiraGame - Sexy Beach 3 is a 3D eroge/dating sim video game released by Illusion in 2006; it is the third installment of the Sexy Beach series.The player assumes the role of a young male on vacation on an idyllic tropical island, where he has the chance to meet, date, and eventually have sexual intercourse with several female characters.

The game features five girls, each of them being a character from some previous Illusion game. During the game, the player has the chance to customize the girls' looks by applying different type of sunbathing lotions that affect their skin color, choose their clothes, colors, and more. As the game progresses and the girls'  love meter  increase, the player gradually achieves more options (action perform, new clothes and accessories to dress up the girls, new types of dates in different locations).


Sexy Beach 3 Download

Change MCG-SB (1).mcg to MCG-SB.part1.rar;MCG-SB (2).mcg to MCG-SB.part2.rar.....part3,part4...
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