Jumat, 08 Maret 2013

Free Download Crimson Alive PC Game Full Version

Password : downloadiragame.blogspot.com
DownloadiraGame - A 2d fighting game made by KeroPyon that features a lot of all-female characters to choose from, the art and music is decent and the language and the GUI is on japanese text but it is still easy to understand. The moves and combos are interesting and pretty unique. Worth downloading, Kinda gets repetitive after 3 hours of playing, but still, any game can be repetitive after all.. this is a cute doujin game for everyone who loves fighting games. Fun playing it with a friend, if you can drag one..

Crimson Alive download

Pass: downloadiragame.blogspot.com

Part 1 - Part 2

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  1. this game graphics is so awesome

  2. Facing some problems to installing this ............. It is telling me to update Java Please help me some one............
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  3. I admire these type of learning games..

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  4. wao i think is the first girl fighting game i suggest to my sister
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