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Free Download Hero's Tale: Enhanced Edition PC Game Full Version

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Hero's Tale: Enhanced Edition Download
DownloadiraGame - Hero's Tale: Enhanced Edition's story revolves around a young boy named Elrik. He goes on an epic journey in the search of the seven elemental keys of the goddess Aeria. During his adventure Elrik will meet with some new friends who include an elemental mage, a dragon hunter and a nature mage. Together they'll have to overcome various obstacles, traverse many locations and defeat lots of dangerous enemies.

  • Explore the beautiful world of Valedia – travel through green fields, dense forests, mountain passes, caves, deserts, visit towns and even go to the outer dimension.
  • Try to complete over 40 quests and earn awards – kill enemies, find and retrieve items, gather items, answer questions and hunt chickens.
  • Intense battles with over 30 enemy types – both big and small, strong and weak, scary and not so scary.
  • Battle tough bosses – what’s all the preparation good for if you don’t have proper bosses to test out your equipment and skills.
  • Four different classes – knight, elemental mage, dragon hunter and nature mage.
  • Equip your characters with over 60 weapons and more than 50 kinds of armor and accessories.
  • Find legendary weapons and armor – holding great power, these items are locked in chests scattered around Valedia. See if you got what it takes to retrieve them all.
  • Teach your characters to over 50 unique skills and spells – both single and mass target skills and spells.
  • Use over 60 items – potions, herbs, scrolls and quest items.
Hero's Tale: Enhanced Edition Download1
Hero's Tale: Enhanced Edition Download2

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