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Download Game Family Guy Back to the Multiverse [PC] Full Version

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DownloadiraGame - Bertram wants to kill Stewie when he finds out Stewie is going to kill him. He builds a multiverse-traveling remote control and goes into another universe as part of his plan to lure Stewie into his trap. When Stewie and Brian decide to go find Bertram and kill him, Bertram hires henchmen to kill Stewie and Brian. A couple of these henchmen are characters from the Family Guy TV show. Such as Ernie the Giant Chicken, Long John Peter, and Santa's work-overwhelmed elves. Stewie and Brian follow Bertram through 10 different universes. Not all these universes are based on the ones in the Family Guy episode Road to the Multiverse.

You will control Brian Griffin and Stewie Griffin  in an adventure that pits them against Stewie's evil half-brother, Bertram. Back To The Multiverse features both co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes built around the characters. Extra challenge levels, multiplayer maps, costumes and playable characters are unlocked through gameplay

-Bizarre Universes: Battle through all new demented universes that only the show’s writers could create.
-Extra-Dimensional Action: Face off against whacked out foes in INFILTRATION! and Multiverse Madness Modes.
-Create Epic Beat Downs: Switch between Brian and Stewie on the fly orgrab a friend and play in 2-player -Co-Op Mode to take down the enemies in the multiverse!
-Familiar Faces: Take the reins of 10 different characters plucked from the show and pit them against each other in 4-person local multiplayer!


Family Guy Back to the Multiverse Download

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